An exclusive STITCH CLUB Webinar

Beginner's Technique: Online Class + Starter Kit (Domestic Shipping Included)

Hosted by
Shana Benhayoun
October 16th | 19:00 EDT | Show in my timezone

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What's Included...

Needlepoint Essentials

o  What is needlepoint?

o  What you need to get started (equipment needed)

o  Different types of canvas & needles

Basic Stitches

o  How to read a stitch diagram

o  Tent Stitch

o  Basketweave Stitch

Supplies + Shipping Included

o Acrylic Project Tote 

o Canvas

o Thread Scissors

o Needles

o Needle Casing

o Needle Minder

o Needle Threade

How to Start Stitching Any Needlepoint Canvas

o  How to cut open a skein of thread

o  How to thread your needle

o  How to anchor your thread (to start and finish)

How to Choose What Threads to Use on Your Project

o  Difference between silk, cotton, and decorative fibers

o  Which colors are the best to start with?


Based on tradition, SBT Stitches was conceived in 2014. Shana Brooke, namesake of SBT Stitches, is a 4th generation needlepointer. Her designs are modern and fresh, attracting young talent to an old pastime.

As a young girl, needlepointing was not love at first sight. It wasn't until her grandmother's last weeks on earth that Shana began to embody her familial pastime. Searching high and low across the country and internet, Shana realized there were not many canvases that represented her generation.

In order to pursue her passion, she became a self-taught canvas designer with a mission to create designs that would carry her great-and grandmother's hobby into the future!

October 16th
19:00 EDT